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We believe that every couple has a unique love story to tell and celebrate and we are passionate about capturing the essence of your special day and transforming it into a timeless cinematic masterpiece that you can cherish for a lifetime. One that you will be excited to look back on as the years ahead unfurl together. With our friendly and personalized approach, we strive to create a wedding film that not only captures the beautiful moments but also reflects the genuine emotions that make your love story truly extraordinary.

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Film Options

We provide a range of wedding videography options to capture your special day. You can choose between our Highlight Film, which is 5-6 minutes long, or our Feature Film, which is 15 minutes long. 

Our Highlight Film is our most popular choice, as it beautifully compiles the cherished memories and moments of your day into a unique composition. It tells the story of your wedding at a natural pace, creating a truly organic experience. 

For those seeking more extensive coverage of the ceremony and speeches, our Feature Film is the perfect choice. It includes extended sequences of these important moments, allowing you to relive them in detail. Both options include full edits of the ceremony and speeches, as we take great pleasure in putting together these significant elements. Once your films are ready, we deliver them to you in an online menu, making it convenient for you to keep and share your precious memories. You can explore our film options below.

Friendly Consultations

When you choose Aloha London Films, you become part of our extended family. We love getting to know you both as individuals and as a couple, so we can create a film that feels authentic to who you are. Our friendly, informal consultations as your wedding date approaches provide an opportunity for us to chat over zoom with a cup of coffee and discuss your wedding plans and the moments that matter most to you. We enjoy building a genuine connection with our couples to help us capture the true essence of your love story.

Personalised Storytelling

No two love stories are the same, and we not only understand that but relish in the excitement of telling each story in a unique and vibrant way. Our approach to wedding videography is centered around capturing the unique moments and emotions that define your day. We take great care in curating the perfect blend of candid and cinematic shots, ensuring that every frame reflects the joy, laughter, and love shared between you, your partner, and your loved ones. As skilled filmmakers, we craft each film with acute attention to detail, weaving together the magical moments to create a visual story that truly represents you. As a well known observation from a Buddhist monk goes, you will have never lived or experienced that very moment you are in right now before, or will again. The aura of that time, that place, that setting, we will be there to capture it.

Unobtrusive Filmmaking

At our core, we value the essence of comfort and tranquillity in capturing the most memorable moments. Our approach to filmmaking is unobtrusive, allowing you to fully immerse yourselves in the sheer joy of your wedding day without the overwhelming presence of cameras. Seamlessly blending into the background, we discreetly record genuine interactions, heartfelt speeches, and all the intricate details that make your special day truly unique.

During the ceremony and speeches, we employ three compact, top-of-the-line professional cameras, recording in stunning 4K resolution. Our specialisation lies in audio, as we firmly believe that sound is paramount to creating remarkable films. To ensure we capture every important soundbite and speech, we meticulously select discreet microphones for the purpose. Our equipment is condensed into just two bags, enabling us to effortlessly navigate through the day and adapt to any wedding schedule complexities.

Enduring Quality

Your wedding film is a timeless treasure that will be shared and cherished for generations to come. Our unwavering commitment lies in delivering films of the highest quality that withstand the test of time. We employ cutting-edge equipment and a meticulous editing process to ensure each step of our filmmaking journey is dedicated to creating a film that will be cherished forever.

Taking complete ownership of every aspect of your wedding film. From filming to editing, we personally oversee each detail without outsourcing to external editors for quick turnarounds. We invest the time to carefully review and piece together the footage, crafting a composition that reflects the unique story of your wedding day. Our artistic direction guides every edit, ensuring a genuine portrayal of your special moments on the timeline.

While this hands-on approach may extend the process slightly, rest assured that it is executed with utmost care and thought by our team at Aloha London Films. We want you to experience the same intensity of laughter, tears, and love-filled moments, regardless of the passage of time. It is truly an honor for us to be a part of your wedding day, and we eagerly anticipate capturing and narrating your exceptional love story through the captivating medium of film.

Our Film Collections Encompass

Story Vignette

A perfect choice – strikingly simple yet impactful, offering extensive coverage and high-resolution footage.

– 7 Minute Highlight Film

Highlight Film Collection

The cherished choice for many, this collection showcases the essential elements and memorable moments from your special day.

– 7 Minute Highlight Film

– Full Ceremony + Readings Film

– Full Speeches Film

Feature Film Collection

The first-class package, including more extended sequences of the ceremony and speeches.

– 15 Minute Feature Film

– Full Ceremony + Readings Film

– Full Speeches Film

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