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Welcome to our world! We are Sky and Tasha, a husband and wife team dedicated to capturing and telling your unique story through the art of videography. With a perfect blend of creativity and organization, we are here to turn your special moments into timeless masterpieces.

But first, let us share a glimpse of our own journey. Over a decade ago, we embarked on an unforgettable adventure, tying the knot in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Our wedding ceremony, held at the intimate Little Chapel of the West, in the company of ‘The King’ and just a few of our dearest friends and family, lasted a mere 11 minutes. Yet within that fleeting time, our minister’s words resonated deeply, imbuing our union with meaning and emotion, amplifying the significance of that moment.

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Reflecting back, we realize how much we underestimated the significance of videography for our own wedding day. All we had to cherish were a live stream recording from the chapel and a charmingly amateurish “movie” created by a dear friend using an old handheld camera that lacked any form of stabilization. Watching that footage now requires a strong stomach for motion sickness!

Our elopement story whispered intimacy and shouted rock ‘n’ roll, and whenever we revisit our wedding film, we’re transported back to that day, feeling every ounce of sentiment and raw emotion.

This experience ignited a passion within us—a desire to capture intimate, close narratives of other couples’ special days, akin to creating their very own Hollywood film.

When we’re not behind the camera, our lives are filled with joyous chaos courtesy of our two young sons, Phoenix and Django—our little mowglii. Our days are never short of schedules, whether we’re embarking on early morning Parkruns or enjoying a relaxed movie night at home. As avid lovers of live music and festivals, Sky has been drumming in bands for many years, while Tasha finds solace and inspiration in painting and various creative endeavors.

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It’s safe to say that we’re both avid film enthusiasts, indulging in the weird and wonderful works from all genres of the classic 80’s to international masterpieces. We find ourselves drawn to the visionary works of filmmakers like Wes Anderson, Spielberg, Pedro Almodovar and Guillermo del Toro, as well as captivating arthouse films and modern TV dramas. By immersing ourselves in these diverse influences, we’re constantly fueled with fresh ideas and innovative angles when we step behind the camera.

So, how can we contribute to your wedding day? Having realized the immense value a wedding videographer could have added to our own experience, we are driven to make this a reality for countless couples in the UK. We understand the profound significance of capturing those precious moments and weaving them into a beautiful, artful film that encapsulates the essence of your special day.

Allow us to tell your story, to paint a cinematic portrait that reflects your unique love and individuality. Together, we can create an arthouse masterpiece, preserving the emotions, the beauty, and the magic of your wedding day for generations to come.

What We Do


Creative Director

Shaping the artistic vision and unique style of our wedding videos.

Solo Videographer on the Day

Taking the lead, capturing every moment and detail on your wedding day.

Lead Editor

Weaving the footage into compelling narratives.

Technical Expertise

Ensuring high-quality video and audio recording with technical expertise.


Creative Director

Adding a creative touch to our videos, enhancing storytelling and visual appeal.

Production Coordinator

Managing behind-the-scenes logistics for a seamless wedding day.


Refining footage to create polished, emotionally resonant narratives.

Second Videographer (On Request)

Second videographer for larger weddings, often on multi location, capturing more angles and moments.

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